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Support for Water fowl enclosure - Cuan

Animal Rescue Foundation was more than happy to help out Cuan Wildlife, this is their story…

“With over 800 waterfowl admitted into Cuan Wildlife each year, we desperately needed a second waterfowl enclosure for the birds to become waterproof prior to their release.

The enclosure consisted of a large area with purpose-built, drainable pool, covered area for shelter, feeding pad, netting above to make sure nothing could fly out.

We planned to start this in May, but due to COVID, it was started and completed in June.

It has been a huge success, our first patient to use it were a group of cygnets – not siblings- who all came to use at approximately a few days old. One was actually hatched from an egg in our egg incubator. They spent the first few weeks of their life inside our hospital, but when they were big enough, moved to the new pool area. It is able to be cleaned, very easily, which stops the water becoming too dirty.

We received funding from The Animal Rescue Foundation, Daniell Trust, Persula Foundation and received donations in memory of Wendy Whittington. We are extremely thankful to all those who helped us, it has made such a difference to the birds in our care already and will continue to do so in years to come.”

Cuan Water Fowl enclosure 2020