Forth Hedgehog Hospital

Support for the Forth Hedgehog hospital

We’re always delighted to help out small animal charities. This is what Forth Hedgehog Hospital had to say about our recent donation to them.

“So, the other day something very, very exciting happened. The rescue got an amazing boost from a very kind charity. I’m so ecstatic to tell you all that The Animal Rescue Foundation donated us £2,000!! This is an amazing boost and I’m so, so grateful to them for this. They have a website if anyone wanted to see them and their work. Thank you, thank you!!

I really can’t do what I do, without all your amazing support whatever it is in any way. Thank you Animal Rescue Foundation!”

Your donations really do make a difference, if you would like to donate and make a difference to small animal charities like the Forth Hedgehog Hospital visit:

Every donation no matter how small really does make a difference, thank you.

Hedgehog broken leg