Dr Sarah Beynon FRES, Ambassador for Animal Rescue Foundation

Well it’s been a really hectic year so far, with I’m sure more to come!
As I’ve always said, the money we raise is for animals, not salaries, and extortionate overheads and expenses. We aim to keep it that way.

Our database of supporters has been and is depleting faster than we imagined, so we have had to adopt other fundraising methods.
We now have an ambassador, namely Dr Sarah Beynon FRES. Sarah has been on TV countless times extolling the virtues of good husbandry and supporting wildlife.

We have now commissioned a 40-second TV ad broadcasting across some ITV regions.
We all have our fingers crossed that this will work.

We also have a new online shop with some interesting products available. We hope to include an order form with this mailing.
We have helped over 130 charities since we started and there is more to do. All we need is money & time. Both seem in short supply at the moment.

I know that some of you dislike the new ‘digital’ age. I fully understand, it all moves so fast, but we have to move forward (I’m told). If on the other hand, you want to speak to a human please phone us on 01989 566710.

Please remember us in your Will, every penny counts, and now the doom and gloom merchants are in ascendancy there are even more animals being starved, ignored, or just left to their own devices.

The charities we help are dedicated to trying to mitigate this growing problem. With your help, we can make a difference.

Tell your friends about us and get involved.

Very best wishes,

Paul Houlden


Sarah Beynon with dogs